Universal Values

Americans fought for these rights in the War of Independence.


First Flag of the US Navy
The universal values sought by civilized people everywhere are:
  • Individual Rights
  • Freedom of Speech and Right to Petition
  • Freedom of Press
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Separation of Church and State
  • Independent Judiciary
  • Government by Consent of the Governed
  • No taxation without representation
  • Right to own Property
  • Free market economy
  • Racial and Gender Equality
  • Education 
Throughout history autocratic rulers have denied their citizens these basic rights to remain in power. Most wars have been fought by people seeking to overthrow despotic rulers.

The quest for continues. For the past decade citizens rose against dictators in the "Color Revolutions," namely: 
  • Orange Revolution – Ukraine 2004
  • Cedar Revolution – Lebanon 2005
  • Tulip Revolution – Kyrgyzstan – 2005
  • Saffron Revolution - Burma - 2007
  • Green Revolution - Iran - 2009
  • Jasmine Revolution – Algeria - 2010
Beginning in 2010, the Arab Spring has claimed the three dictators

Who will be next?

There are some heroes.....

Countless people have given their lives in the effort to achieve freedom.

FREEDOM IS FRAGILE, and must be defended. In many democratic countries freedom can be eroded through individuals seeking power through elective processes. Once achieved, they proceed to dismantle the democracy.


Hugo Chavez - Venezuela

The Foundation of International Freedom will always support the people seeking freedom everywhere and oppose governments that suppress this basic quest and defend freedoms within established democratic countries.