By-Pass the U.N. Security Council

Based in New York City, the Wall Street Journal has followed the activities of the United Nations
since its inception in 1945. In a recent editorial in the Wall Street Journal, ¹ their editorial board
stated their position that “The United Nations is proving to be useless as a defender of world
order” …. It’s time the U.S. stopped putting faith in the U. N and focused on working through
alliances of the free and willing. ² This conclusion is long overdue.

In 2006 I wrote an essay entitled “Organization of Free Countries” ² based on the common
observation that the structure of the U.N. was inherently flawed by giving veto power to each
of the five founding members of the Security Council. Obviously, the veto has been used to
prevent endorsement of any action against their self-interest. The famous exception was when
the UN endorsed the “Police Action” against the North Korean invasion of South Korea, which
passed when the Russian delegation was absent.

Since the end of WWII, several organizations have been founded to provide collective strength
amongst free countries, with NATO the major example. Its rapid response to the Russian
invasion of Ukraine certainly has proved its value, as confirmed by the pending addition of
Sweden and Finland. The threat of Ukraine joining NATO has been the primary justification used
by Vladimir Putin for his barbaric invasion.

The US has entered into separate agreements and treaties to provide for military support and
cooperation in the event of invasion, notably with Taiwan and the Philippines, and the Quad
Countries, Japan, South Korea, India, and Australia. Because of the wide range of circumstances
among all nations, it is appropriate to recognize these with separate agreements. However, the
one common value required is the right to individual freedom. Totalitarian regimes are not

Although the Organization of Free Countries has not been formed, it was the inspiration for the
founding of FIF, and it is gratifying that this common objective is shared with several major
NGOs and think tanks.

Byron Kahrs Varme

¹ The Wall Street Journal, November 26-27, page A12
², Commentary Archives 2006

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