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A World in Disarray American Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Old Order Haase, Richard N. 2017
Playing to the Edge American Intelligence in the Age of Terror Hayden, Michael V. 2016
Destiny and Power The American Odyssey of
George Herbert Walker Bush
Meacham, Jon 2015
41 A Portrait of My Father Bush, George W 2014
The Fourth Revolution The Global Race to Reinvent the State Micklewait, John et al 2014
Islam Without Extremes A Muslim Case for Liberty Akyol, Mustafa 2013
The Accidental Admiral Memoir – Supreme Commander NATO Stavridis, James G. 2013
Hezbollah The Global Footprint of Lebanon’s
Party of God
Levitt, Matthew 2013
Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul Church, State and the Birth of Liberty John M. Barry 2012
Destiny of the Republic James A. Garfield Millard, Candice 2012
The Wrong War Grit, Strategy and the Way Out West, Bing 2011
Military Adventure in Iraq Ricks, Thomas E. 2009
War of Necessity A Memoir of Two Iraq Wars Haass, Richard N. 2009
Hide and Seek The Search for Truth in Iraq Duelfer, Charles 2009
How to Win a Cosmic War God, Globalization and the End of the
War on Terror
Reza Aslan 2009
The Next 100 Years A Forecast for the 21st Century Friedman, George 2009
The Powers to Lead Nye, Joseph S., Jr. 2008
Hot, Flat & Crowded Why We Need a Green Revolution Friedman, Thomas L. 2008
Return of History & The End of Dreams Kagan, Robert 2008
Central Asia The Second World Empires and Influence in the New Global Order Khanna, Parag 2008
Jordan The Arab Center The Promise of Moderation Muasher, Marwan 2008
Mirror of the Arab World Lebanon in Conflict Mackey, Sandra 2008
Lebanon The Great War for Civilization The Conquest of the Middle East Fisk, Robert 2007
Iran Guests of the Ayatollah The First Battle in America’s War with
Militant Islam
Bowman, Mark 2006
The United Nations The UN Exposed How the UN Sabotages America’s Security Shawn, Eric 2006
Palestine The Iron Cage The Story of Palestinian Struggle
For Statehood
Khalidi, Rashid 2006
Because They Hate Gabriel, Brigitte 2006
Knowing the Enemy Jihadist Ideology and the War on Terror Habeck, Mary 2006
War Made New Technology, Warfare & the Course of History Boot, Max 2006
   Colossus The Rise and Fall of the America Empire Ferguson, Niall 2005
The Opportunity America’s Moment to Alter History’s Course Haase, Richard N. 2005
The World is Flat A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century Friedman, Thomas L. 2005
Three Billion New Capitalists The Great Shift of Wealth & Power to the East Prestowitz, Clyde 2005
Tower of Babble How the UN Has Fueled Global Chaos Dore Gold 2004
Global Issues The Pentagon’s New Map War and Peace in the 21st Century Barnett, Thomas P.M. 2004
Breaking the Real Axis of Evil How to Oust the World’s Last Dictators by 2025 Palmer, Mark 2003
United States American Empire The Realities and Consequences of U.S. Diplomacy Bacevich, Andrew J. 2002
The Color of Oil The History, the Money, and the Politics
of the World’s Biggest Business
Economides, Michael 2000
The Alexandria Quartet
Longitudes and Attitudes Exploring the World After 9/11 Friedman, Thomas L. 1999
The International Oil Industry The Prize The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power Yergin, Daniel 1991
A History of the Arab Peoples “The Best General History of the
Arab World”
Hourani, Albert 1991
Pity the Nation The Abduction of Lebanon Fisk, Robert 1990
Inshallah The War in Beirut Falacci, Oriana 1990
Yamani The Inside Story Robinson, Jeffrey 1988
The Arab Mind Raphael Patai 1976
Saudi Arabia The Kingdom Lacey, Robert 1971
Oman – A History In Honour of His Majesty, Sultan
Said Bin Taimur Alu Said, King
of Oman and Dependencies
Phillips, Wendell 1967
Caravans Afghanistan Michener, James A. 1963
Arabian Sands Saudi Arabia Thesiger, Wilfred 1959
Justine; Balthazar, Mountolive & Clea Alexandria, Egypt Durrell, Lawrence 1958
Lawrence of Arabia A Biographical Inquiry Aldington, Richard 1955
Classics Seven Pillars of Wisdom Lawrence, T.E. 1926
The Great War for Civilization Fisk, Robert
The Case for Democracy Sharansky, Natan
The Beast on the East River Tabor, Jonathan
America Alone Steyn, Mark
Twilight in the Desert Simmons, Matthew
Islamic Countries
Afghanistan Charle Wilson’s War Prelude to Afghanistan Crile, George
The Kite Runner (fiction) Hosseini, Khaled
All the Shah’s Men Kinzer, Stephen
Iraq The Gamble David Petraeus and the US
Saddam’s Bomb Maker
Islam Infidel Ali, Ayan Hersi
The Arab Center The Promise of Moderation
The Koran Interpreted Arberry, R.J.
Muhammad: Biography of the Prophet Armstrong, Karen
Wahhabi Islam Delong-Bas, Natana J.
Islam – A Mosaic,not a Monolith Gregorian, Vartan
Europe & Islam Lewis, Bernard
Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam Spencer, Robert